Have you been watching YouTube videos to work on your American accent training? Have your reached a point where those videos just don't make a difference?

Why our webinars are the best:

  • our speech therapists are experts in working with speech sounds

  • we are trained in ways to help you change your accent

  • our techniques are proven to work

  • hundreds of American English learners have used these videos to help get to the next level

  • taught by native American English speakers


These webinar are a great resources for business people, doctors, IT experts and other professionals who work with or in the Unites States and want to use an American English accent.

If you have questions about what you've seen or would like to suggest another topic, please contact me at michelle@speechtherapythatworks.com.

If you have any questions about the webinars, please see the FAQ section.

9 Common
Accent Mistakes

These are the top 9 mistakes made by those practicing an American English accent.

American Accent O

There are many ways to pronounce the "o" with an American Accent. Listen to this recording to learn which words get which sound.

American Accent R

Want to sound like you have an American accent? Here is how to pronounce the R sound in an American Accent.


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