This is the list of signs that we suggest parents start off with if they have a late talking toddler or one with a speech delay.

The reason we chose these signs are because:

  • They make immediate impact in a toddlers every day life. These are words he or she is already trying to use

  • These signs are useful right away and can reduce frustration

  • These signs get your toddler what they want and so they are motivated to use them

Each sign below has a link to a video at Baby Sign Language where you can find more signs for your toddler's favorite items (your pet dog, a toy train).

We recommend choosing no more than 3 signs to start out with and when you show your child the sign, say the word with it. Once your child is using those, add some more. And don't expect that your toddler will just watch you use the sign and then start using it.


Learning to use sign takes practice and repetition. You might also need to shape your child's hands initially to get them to use it at the appropriate time.  Also, when you show your child the sign, say the word with it. 


This sign is applicable to so many activities  throughout the day.

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All Done/No More

Done with sitting at the table, or the bath? You're all done.

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When it's time for lunch or when your child is about to receive a snack.

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Your child can use this sign when he wants more of something.

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If someone leaves the room or it's time to go.

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Does your child want a drink? Do you see someone else drinking?

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Are you about to open the door or does your child need help opening something?

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If your toddler has some or you put it in your coffee.

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When your child is little this can be used for cracker as well.

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Whether it's in a cup or in the tub.

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If you want her to pass you the ball or you see other kids playing with it.

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For when it's bedtime and you're  choosing a book.

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*Thanks to Baby Sign Language for the fabulous illustrations and videos.

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