For less than the price of 1 speech therapy session parents can learn to use speech therapy strategies at home. 



  • Why these strategies are important
  • Why parents make the best speech therapists
  • The best way to teach kids
  • What toys should be used
  • Keeping a child interested
  • Why play is important and how to play
  • About prompting and how to do it
  • The top 10 strategies speech therapists use


For parents with children who are late talkers or speech delayed who are at any level of their language development. This webinar shows parents how to use the top 10 speech therapy strategies that EVERY speech therapist uses to encourage a child to talk. With this webinar parents can be empowered to become their child's speech therapist instead of just waiting and feeling frustrated that they cannot help their child. 


"I finally stopped feeling frustrated that I wasn't doing anything for my son. By using these tools, I saw him start to talk within a week. And that was before speech therapy ever started." (Julie, Boston MA)




  • Learn to use therapy techniques immediately instead of just waiting for therapiy to begin. 

  • Understand important information about which strategies work best and provide it to a speech therapist when therapy does begin.

  • Feel empowered and confident to encourge language on their own. Parents might not have to pay for speech therapy if their child catches up on his own.

  • Stop feel frustrated and hopeless since now they can help their child make progress much faster in speech therapy.

Webinar: Encourage Language Development - 10 Strategies for Parents

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  • We guarantee this webinar will help. You can get a full refund of the purchase price if you are not happy within the first 7 days. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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