Holiday Gift Idea Language Delayed Kids

Are you looking for a gift for a child who is non-verbal that is speech therapist approved? Read on...

There is not one specific toy that will help get your toddler speaking if they have language delays or are late talkers. What really helps is getting down on the floor and using the skills and strategies your speech therapist teaches you to get your kid talking.

That having been said, there is this one toy that I love. Why? Because it addresses very critical skills that come even BEFORE saying a single word.

If your child isn't talking, it's very difficult to just get them to start. There are skills toddlers need to master before words emerge. One of those skills is just vocalizing. That means just making easy sounds. It can be anything like "aaah, oooo, eee," "dadada," "mmm." Anything really.

But just getting your child to repeat after you for no reason can be difficult. That's why in speech therapy with my youngest toddlers, I like to use the Fisher Price Play Tape Recorder. You can use it to take turns making sounds into the microphone (who doesn't want to be on stage singing!) and even record your voice. So cool! That takes imitating to the next level. And while we play, I also work on other language skills, such as the following vocabulary:

- open/close

- my turn/your turn

- more

- in/out

- colors (of the buttons)

- loud/quiet

- stop/go

- song

I also really love this tape recorder, because it DOES NOT sing the words to the songs on the tape (like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star). It's like a karaoke machine so you and your child still need to be the ones doing the singing. That's great since we don't want a toy that will speak for your child, just one that will help tempt them into doing it on their own.

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