How Many Words is Your Child Using? 


12 Months: 2-6 words (other than “mama/dada”)

15 Months: 10 words

18 months: 50 words

24 Month: 200-300 words

30 Months: 450 words

36 Months: 1,000 words

Helping your child start speaking is critical.

Research shows that language delays can have consequences on a child's SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING. 

Up to 30% of late talkers or kids with a speech delay  MAINTAIN SOME SPEECH PROBLEMS FOR LIFE.

Even late talkers who may catch up, continue to have WEAKNESSES IN VOCABULARY, GRAMMAR, LISTENING COMPREHENSION & READING. 

Is your child:

  • Not speaking like other kids of the same age

  • Getting frustrated because you don't understand them 

  • Pointing but not speaking 

  • Saying single words instead of sentences

  • Having difficulty understanding what you say

Are you frustrated that you:

  • Don't know how to help your child

  • Are paying $200/session

  • Need to wait for an available time slot for a speech therapist, while your child waits

  • Compare your child to other kids when they speak 

  • Are worried your child wont grow out of their speech delay?

the better outcome they'll have.
What if instead of feeling frustrated and worried, you could:
Access the experience of great speech therapists 
Learn the strategies they've mastered
Help your child start speaking
This online course can teach you how.

The course is for "concerned parents" to become "proactive parents" who aren't willing to wait for their child to outgrow their delay or wait for a speech therapist to become available. 

This course will teach you all of the strategies that speech therapists use in sessions with late talkers or kids with a language delay. 

What is in the Online Course for Parents?

"I waited for so long for a speech therapist for my son. But the waiting felt horrible. I felt like I couldn't help him. But learning to use the strategies with the speech therapist helped make improvements immediately.
He is still making progress"

Sandra C. 

Become an Expert: and discover what communication milestones are appropriate.
Teach Efficiently: learn how to turn everyday activities into learning opportunities
Make Your Child Want More: you'll discover ways to make it fun so your child wants to learn all the time.

The Online Course will show you how to:

Use Proven Strategies: explore methods used by every speech therapist to get kids communicating every time.
Engage Faster: so you keep your child's attention.
Tune In: with how your child already communicates and use those skills to grow.


This Online Course was developed by our speech therapists specializing in early intervention 
for toddlers with a language delay or those who are late talkers.


Early Childhood Intervention Specialist

Tamara Keenan, 

Victoria Peterson,

Liz Goldsmith, M.S., CCC-SLP

About the online course:
  • 8 video lessons with unlimited access (X minutes total) + Bonus Video to teach your child to imitate you

  • Learn specific speech therapy strategies, activities and vocabulary to teach your child

  • Printable materials to use as a daily guide

  • Private weekly Zoom video chats with the SLP to answer any questions

  • Peace of mind that you FINALLY have a plan

This must be so expensive...
  • It would be if you had private speech therapy sessions at up to $200 per hour

  • This course includes what you would get in 6 months of face-to-face therapy. That would cost thousands of dollars.

  • This course is cheaper than ONE HOUR of private speech therapy

  • This course can save you thousands of dollars

  • For only $249.00 you can help your child just like the best speech therapist

Ready to Help Your Child?
Sign up for the online video course to help your child start speaking. 
*Prices increase in 2020.

When can I start the course? The course is available to you immediately. You take it online at your own pace so you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course? You can have access to this course forever. Stop and start it whenever you like. 

Does the course replace face-to-face speech therapy? The course works best before you are able to schedule speech therapy sessions. If you cannot find a speech therapist in your area, we have convenient online speech therapy sessions to coach you to become your child's speech therapist. You'll get a discount on your online sessions if you've already purchased this course.  

How long is the course? This course is about 3.5 hours of video education that is broken up into small, achievable chunks.

What ages is this course for? This course is appropriate for parents who have children between the ages of 12 months to 5 years old. 

My child is speaking a little, but not much, is this course right for me? This course is great for parents of kids who have are below average in their vocabulary acquisition. Meaning, they are not learning the number of words other kids their age are using. The kind of vocabulary that counts are those words they are using independently (not just repeating another person), words they are using in the correct context, and ones that they are using to get their wants and needs met (so not ABCs or counting numbers). 

Maybe my child will catch up on their own? Between 20–30% of late talkers do not grow out of their language delay. And "late bloomers” who seem to catch up on their own, actually continue to show weaknesses in other language and literacy areas. You can read a peer reviewed article here

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