Even if  your loved one is receiving help from a speech therapist, there is always more you can do at home.


"What else can we do?" is one of the questions I hear the most from the families who are supporting a person dealing with aphasia after a stroke.

In this webinar, you will learn a specific treatment technique used by speech therapists to help people with aphasia find their words.

Watch this Webinar to learn:


  • how to help a person with aphasia use more words

  • how to help them use longer sentences

  • how to increase your loved one making their own responses and comments

  • decrease a person with aphasia's frustration


This webinar is presented by a certified speech therapist experienced in using this evidence based technique with many people with aphasia. 

To watch the pre-recorded webinar, use the PayPal link to purchase access. You will be redirected to a video and handout that goes along with the webinar.

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