4 Meetings: $90.00

10% Discount

1 Meeting: $25.00

Now you or your loved one can participate small online group sessions that allow people with aphasia to develop and practice communication techniques in a stimulating and accepting environment.

Practice and talk about:


  • what it's like to live with Aphasia

  • various communication like listening and speaking

  • alternative communication strategies

  • what is frustrating about communicating with others and how to communicate to loved ones about how to communicate with you


Sessions are run by a licensed speech and language pathologist at convenient times every week.  Groups are limited to 5 people to maximize benefits to participants. Participants are encouraged to commit to at least 4 classes to get the benefits of the group environment.

Schedule and Cost:

  • 45 minute sessions twice a week

  • $25.00 per session or purchase a package of 4 classes to receive a 10% discount

  • Meet with a licensed SLP but get significant savings

If you have questions about online aphasia groups, please contact me at

If you have any questions about the webinars or online groups, please see the FAQ section.

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