Have you been watching a lot of YouTube videos to try to work on your American accent pronunciation? Is it getting very difficult to understand what you should be doing? If so, use these top 3 best resources to work on making your American accent sound great. 

These are the first 3 aspects of American English pronunciation that I work on with every one of my clients and when they master these, they sound like me! Here are what these resources cover:

  1. Word Stress - One of the keys to sounding like you have American English Pronunciation.

  2. Vowel Sound Variation - Work on one of the vowel sounds that has the most variation in an American English accent.

  3. The R Sound - The hardest to learn and teach! You've come to the right place - I've taught hundred of children and adults how to pronounce the R sound.

You'll receive 3 different resources and videos to go along with them. The resources provide clear and simple explanations for how to improve your American English pronunciation. There are also video or audio files for you to listen to how a native American English speaker says the words you'll practice.

If you need more help practicing your American English accent pronunciation, please contact me.

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