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that WORKS

  • Get a job with higher pay
    (U.S. labor law allows making hiring decisions based on accent)  

  • Improve communication with colleagues

  • Improve personal relationships 

  • Gain confidence to speak in public

  • Personalized one on one course via live video with an accent specialist

  • Convenient session times available

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"Don't waste your time on a cheap course online. I've paid for one, and after three months my accent didn't improve!  The sessions with Michelle made rapid improvement in my English., Thank you"  - Chiyan Chen 

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Why 1on1 Sessions Work Better? 

  1. Online courses have 93% failure rate! Because they don't adjust to your personal accent

  2. We are certified professional speech therapists - results are guaranteed!

  3. Video chat sessions: no commute, easy scheduling  

  4. Within 5 sessions you'll see dramatic improvement

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Hindi Accent - Before
00:00 / 00:00
Hindi Accent - After 10 Sessions
00:00 / 00:00

“The class was very well planned. It helped me in my job tremendously.” - Yana

Cantonese Accent - Before
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Cantonese Accent - After 10 Sessions
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"This is one of the best training programs that I have ever enrolled in." - Tajinder

Ukranian Accent - Before
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Ukranian Accent - After 10 Sessions
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"My coach did a great job customizing the accent program to my needs." - May

Our clients speak different languages from all over the world. Below a small sample of accent improvement after few sessions